Garlic Chilli King Prawns   £6.95

Tandoori Lamb Chop   £6.25

Salmon Royale   £5.95

Fish Pakora    £4.95

Sheek Kebab   £4.50

Samosa (Meat/Veg)   £3.95

Tandoori Chicken   £4.50

Chicken Tikka   £4.50

Chicken Shashlik   £5.75

Lamb Tikka   £5.25

Tandoori King Prawns   £6.95

Tandoori Fish   £5.25

Prawn On Puri   £5.25

King Prawn Puri   £7.25

Chicken Tikka Puri   £5.95

Mixed Kebab   £5.95

Chicken Pakora   £4.95

Prawn Cocktail   £4.50

Chicken Chaat   £4.95

(v) Chili Paneer   £4.95

(v) Onion Bhajee   £3.95

(v) Garlic Mushrooms   £3.95

(v) Boshonto Paneer   £4.75

(v) Paneer Tikka   £4.95

(v) Stuffed Pepper   £5.25

(v) Vegetarian Platter   £4.95

      Small Selection of Dishes available at Sherwoods


North Indian Garlic Chilli Chicken £10.95
A very hot popular North Indian dish extensively prepared with fresh garlic and chillies in a lingering pinquant sauce

Anarkali £10.95
Whole breast of succulent chicken stuffed with minced lamb and finely coated in a medium sauce

                                             Jaipuri  (chicken or lamb) £10.95
A famous and popular dish from Jaipur, marinated and grilled in a tandoor with mushrooms, onions and peppers with fresh masala luscious Jaipur sauce

Murghi Apricot £10.95
A very succulent and mild speciality, marinated chicken cooked with yoghurt, apricot, oregano and coriander

Paw Paw Special £10.95
Tender lamb fusion speciality cooked with fresh papaya

Sizzling King Prawn £12.95
A special sizzling dish cooked with spring onions,peppers, chilies and bamboo shoots

Lime Ginger Sea Bass £11.95
Fillet of sea bass cooked with baby potatoes, spinach leaves, ginger in a rich chaat masala and black pepper sauce